Mink lashes have become extremely popular in the beauty industry for their high quality hairs that are long lasting, hold their shape, and give a soft and fluffy effect. However, there is a common misconception about “cruelty-free mink lashes”. 


What makes us cruelty free/vegan?
We DO NOT and will never use mink hair to create our lashes. Instead, our MILENABEAUTY lashes are made from advanced synthetic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) fibers. Our fibers are especially fine and have soft tapered ends, without feeling crunchy of plastic-y. Our fibers are layered to create beautiful fluffy lashes, giving that fluffy mink lash effect WITHOUT causing any harm towards them. 


How are mink lashes made?
The fur is shaved off a mink’s body either before or after they are killed on a mink farm. Mink lashes are often marketed as cruelty free, where the hairs are gently combed off, and that no minks are harmed in that process. This may or may not be true, but what about the processes involved that lead to collecting their fur? The conditions that minks are harboured in are unsanitary, unethical, and unlike their natural habitat – causing exposure to stress, fear, parasites, disease/illness, and other unnecessary physical and emotional trauma.


How do minks naturally behave?
Minks are wild animals, and are therefore naturally territorial. They are also solitary in nature, and normally only gather for breeding. In the wild, minks travel for miles in a single day, and are often found close to bodies of water as they love to swim. However in mink farms, they are held captive in tiny wire cages, unable to freely run, enjoy the water, nor live in their natural habitat. These cages are unsanitary, unheated/not insulated, and minks are kept there until they are killed or die from natural causes. 

Minks also do not like to be touched, and therefore would consider it a threat having their hairs brushed off. When minks feel threatened, they also become aggressive. Because of this, there is uncertainty as to how minks can be “gently brushed” when collecting their hairs. It is also highly likely that minks would attack each other if constricted into tiny cages, sometimes till death. Medical care is not given to minks when needed either.

Mink lashes are not approved by PETA to be cruelty free, and it is true that quality of life would be extremely higher for minks living in their natural habitat. It is also important to note that the European mink is currently listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

There is no need to have animals suffer in exchange for our beauty “needs”. Please think twice before purchasing a pair of mink lashes, FAUX MINK is the safe way to go. Say no to mink fur, say no to animal cruelty.