What are your lashes made from? Are they cruelty-free?
Our lashes are handmade with advanced synthetic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) fibers. Our fibres are especially fine, have soft tapered ends, and are layered to create the fluffiest of lashes. Yes, our lashes are both cruelty-free AND vegan!

Why black bands?
MILENABEAUTY lashes are all made with a black cotton band. We chose to use black bands as they are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and provide structural support allowing your lashes to last longer. Black bands are also more user-friendly as they can be blended into the lashline more effortlessly.

Do you have lashes that suit smaller eye shapes?
100% we do. Our Everyday Wispies collection includes lashes that are shorter in length with a more natural style. If you prefer something more dramatic, we also have our Medium Glam collection which include lashes with more volume and length. 

Will your lashes suit my monolids?
Yes! Our lashes are monolid (and hooded eye) friendly! We definitely understand the difficulty in finding lashes that suit these eye shapes. Our founder has Asian hooded eyes and works with many clients with these eye shapes. Her goal is to provide a range of lashes that will suit EVERYONE including those with monolids and hooded eyes. Here are her favourite lashes for:

- Monolids: Cookie, Muse, Willow
- Hooded eyes: Cookie, Runway, Sundancer, Lioness


How do I apply lashes?
We have a quick and easy step by step guide on how to apply false lashes here

How do I care for my lashes?
To make the most of your lashes and their re-usability, proper care is essential. We have created a lash care guide, it can be viewed here.

Do you ship worldwide?
We ship to majority of countries around the world. Please check our shipping page. If your country/region is not listed, please contact us at so we can check if we can ship to your location.

Where are your orders shipped from?
We ship our orders from Melbourne, Australia. 

I accidentally put in the wrong address to my order. What do I do?
Please contact us at with your order number, receipt, and updated postal address within 24 hours of your purchases so adjustments can be made. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
 We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, and Afterpay.